What is Biblical Theology?

Jerry Bilkes,

“Biblical Theology is that discipline of faithful confession, defense, and worship of the truth as it is revealed in the Old and New Testament, performed by the redeemed church of God on earth, normed exclusively and totally by the Word of Christ, illumined by the Spirit of Christ, unto obedience and witness in the world and praise and edification in the church, with special regard to the formal character of revelation, that is the categories of history, theological themes, and writing.”

John Murray says,

“Systematic theology will fail of its task to the extent to which it discards its rootage in biblical theology as properly conceived and developed.”

Geerhardus Vos: Biblical Theology shows…

“That in the Bible there is an organization finer, more complicated, more exquisite than even the texture of muscles and nerves and brain in the human body, its various parts are interwoven and correlated in the most subtle manner, each sensitive to the impressions received from all the others, perfect in itself, and yet dependent upon the rest, while in them and through them all throbs as a unifying principle the Spirit of God‟s living truth” (RHBI 21-22).”


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