Be Ready to Be Raptured!

USA Today said, “Wildy popular – and highly controversial.” Is not that the truth…

Finally at last after all these years we can buy The Left Behind Series Collectors Edition! This is more exciting than having to wait for the Lord of the Rings Collectors Edition.

Misleading and giving false hope to people for over a decade and selling over 63,000,000 copies (no I did not accidentally add three zeros), is the Left Behind series. In case you were wondering where exactly Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins books lined-up in the timeline of God’s eschaton, well guess what I have for you…

I have for you Raymond Steele’s Classical Chart of the “end times” so that you can see what books you’d be interested in reading of God’s plan for the rebuilding of His temple, identifying the antichrist, figuring out the day of the rapture, and what super-cool technology to collect if you are “left behind” if you want to start your own Tribulation Force. Here ya go in case you really wanna know.

For those serious Left Behind fans, be sure to get your end times wallpaper for your PC or Mac.

Left Behind


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