What is The Message of Acts?

  1. Christ’s exalted rule empowers, guides, and extends the church in accordance with the prophesied word.
  2. God’s plan was evidenced in the death and resurrection of Christ and provides life and healing and hope for Jews and Gentiles.
  3. The outpouring of the Spirit confirms Christ’s exaltation and the fulfillment of the plan of redemption;  through that Spirit, there is life and witness and growth and joy in the church.
  4. Prayer and praise are the church’s work in conjunction with witness.  It is what God uses to make his reign and kingship known.
  5. The church is extended through the word being preached by the apostles, as they witness to God, His supremacy in the face of idols, His grace in the face of man’s sin and misery, His plan right through all the devices of principalities and powers.

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