(Post by David Hall)

Happy Birthday on Tuesday February 16th to Philipp Melanchthon!! And Greetings to friends of Calvin and the Reformation. Like most of you, 2009 was a wonderful year for me.  And some very fine folks that we met at Calvin500 have found a way to extend the best of the historical and commemorative spirit; accordingly, I want to commend Refo500 to you.

A thrilling new attempt to make the strengths of the Reformation known and lively for today is now launching under the capable direction of Dr. Herman Selderhuis of The Theological University of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. Refo500 is holding a press conference on Tuesday and launching its website. I encourage any of you who enjoyed Calvin500 to see this next step and participate as you may.

Please visit the website after 6:00 PM on Tuesday and often (English version forthcoming) here.

And I hope you enjoy the overview in the extracts from the attached Press Release.

God bless.

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  1. shawn says:

    Melanchthon was a Synergist!

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