Does the Spirit only work in the PR Denomination?

Did You Know that the Spirit of God is Only Working in one Denomination of the Reformed faith? Either did I! However this past weekend I came across a rather unique book description in a publication catalog by the Reformed Free Publishing Association.

The Book: Always Reforming: Continuation of the Sixteenth-Century Reformation, part of the Protestant Reformed Biblical Studies.

Editor: David J. Engelsma, is emeritus professor of theology at the Protestant Reformed Seminary, Grandville, Michigan.

And here is where either A.) I do not understand, or B.) is simply just stupidity at its best. I have bolded below exactly my issue.

Book Description: “A church reformed and always reforming, according to the word of God” means that the truly Reformed church continues to live by the word of God from age to age, applies it to every aspect of her life, maintains the sound doctrine of the creeds from generation to generation; resists every threat to the Reformed faith, and develops the truth of the Reformed faith.

Always Reforming demonstrates that the Spirit of Christ has carried on the reforming work of Christ in the sixteenth century in one particular branch of the church of the Reformation. A successor to The Sixteenth-Century Reformation of the Church, this book traces the continuing reformation in the Netherlands in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and in the Protestant Reformed Churches in North America in the twentieth century. The fivefold division of this book recognizes the ongoing reformation of these Reformed churches as having taken place in the five distinct and doctrinally significant controversies.”

I want to comment on this, but for the sake of my sanity I think I will leave it up to you to ponder and enjoy thinking about… and I quote, “Spirit of Christ has carried on the reforming work of Christ in the sixteenth century in one particular branch of the church of the Reformation.


5 Comments on “Does the Spirit only work in the PR Denomination?”

  1. Denise says:

    Wow, that makes me a little angry to think about. I’ve had some dealing w/ those folks before and got that exact vibe from them. Although I think heaven will be a shock to a lot of “Christians”.

  2. Danny Hyde says:

    Why are you surprised, Michael? One of their “evangelism” tracts says something like, “We’re not saying we are the only true church in the world, all we are saying is we don’t know of any others.”

  3. I agree, a lot will be in shock.

  4. I don’t know much about them besides reading a few article by their leader David E. but man, that book would be interesting to read.

  5. Danny Hyde says:

    Here’s the link to the pamphlet on the true church:

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