Redeemer Presbyterian Church

This weekend (while on vacation) in Overland Park Kansas, Emily and I looked up a church to attend this Lord’s Day. After looking at a number of “Bible” Churches and Independent Baptist Churches we decided to go with a PCA Church where we both new we would be feed and the service would be centered upon Christ. So we decided to attend Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The service was great – fixed upon the Word of God all throughout its service, friendly people, a great sermon on John 5 and the church was beautiful. If ever in Overland Park, Kansas, I strongly recommend Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

About Redeemer and the PCA:
The Presbyterian Church in America or “The PCA” is a distinctly evangelical denomination in the Reformed tradition.  The PCA has made a firm commitment on the doctrinal standards which had been significant in Presbyterianism (churches governed by elders or “presbyters”) since 1645, namely the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.  These doctrinal standards express the distinctives of the Reformed tradition. Among the distinctive doctrines of the Westminster Standards and of Reformed tradition is the unique authority of the Bible.  The reformers based all of their claims on “sola scriptura,” the Scriptures alone.  This included the doctrine of their inspiration which is a special act of the Holy Spirit by which He guided the writers of the books of Scriptures (in their original autographs) so that their words should convey the thoughts He wished conveyed, bear a proper relation to the thoughts of other inspired books, and be kept free from error of fact, of doctrine, and of judgment — all of which were to be an infallible rule of faith and life.  Historically, the concept of infallibility has included the idea of inerrancy.


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