Charles Spurgeon was a Baptist, but was He a Dispensationalist?

Charles Spurgeon preaches,

These who saw Christ’s day before it came, had great differences as to what they knew,… But they were all washed in the same blood, all redeemed with the same ransom price, and made members of the same body, Israel in the covenant of grace is not natural Israel, but all believers in all ages.

Well, that answers our question, doesn’t it?

Quote taken from “Jesus Christ Immutable,” Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, Vol. 15 – page 8.


2 Comments on “Charles Spurgeon was a Baptist, but was He a Dispensationalist?”

  1. Louis.F says:

    Nope , C.H.Spurgeon was not a dispensationalist , he probably was a Premill , or historist pre-mill.

  2. Louis,
    #1 Charles H. Spurgeon was a Historic-Premil.
    #2 Did you read the quote? I was making a joke because some Dispensationalist try to place Mr. Spurgeon in the Dispensational camp at times. However, from the quote above, one can certainly tell that he was not.

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