Steve Lawson on Joel Osteen

4 Comments on “Steve Lawson on Joel Osteen”

  1. Eric says:

    I love this clip. Lawson rocks.

  2. Timothy says:

    I was there when Lawson preached this message… I’ll never forget it. Besides getting the most laughs for his Osteen impression, he blew everyone away with his bold proclamation of truth (I think I saw dust fly off the pulpit when he slammed his hand down)… the only standing ovation of the conference (besides honoring MacArthur’s 40 years in ministry); all glory to Christ our King, of course.

  3. Ben T. says:

    While I applaud Lawson’s (much needed) critique of Osteen’s vague stance on the exclusivity of the gospel message, I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and frustrated with his mocking tone.

    Proclaim and defend the truth, yes, but do so with charity.

  4. “That the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.” What a statement! So true.

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