Multiple Services, but Why?

After just weeks ago moving to Maryland, I have noticed after visiting several churches what seems to be a common practice among many of the churches in my area. Maybe I am wrong, but I’d like to think other wise. Church after church, a majority Southern Baptist Churches have multiple services. However these services are not because they lack room for the members of their church, it is because they have a contemporary service, or a traditional service and even some in the city of Baltimore have a “thankful” service which includes songs, prayer without the preaching. These multiple services may have 50-100 in the traditional services (where the money comes from) then about 300-400 people in their contemporary service (where their numbers come from). Yet, what is worse is from my own personal experience seeing these churches have two churches within them. Maybe I am wrong on this, but it seems a bit man-centered to me.

I guess if I went Presbyterian I would not have to worry with this, would I?


2 Comments on “Multiple Services, but Why?”

  1. In the Lord’s providence, Pastor Tullian wrote about this very thing in his church.

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