Additional Blogger

I have at times wanted to turn my personal blog into a place where others played a part in contributing to it as well. Then I think twice and say no. After leaving seminary, I at times just do not feel like writing all the time, or better yet I just forget! Over the three past years I have thought if one guy was going to help me it was a good friend of mine, Ben Thocher.

Ben Thocher has a B.S. from Philadelphia Biblical University, a M.A.R. from Westminster Theological Seminary and is now in the Th.M. program at Westminster Theological Seminary. Ben also works for Westminster Bookstore and lives outside of Philadelphia PA.  Although many of you readers do not know Ben, he has been a great theological buddy of mine throughout the last-8-years that I have known him (besides one-year). Over the next year in 2011, Ben will help me here at the blog writing several post for us as we think about theological issues and continue to learn and search out the Gospel.


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