How Often Do You Meet with those in the Church?

Last evening I was reading through a few of the early Anabaptist Confessions. While not in full agreement with a few of them, one section did stick out to me from all the rest. The church of the Anabaptists was unique in that it was a disciplined and regulated church. The disciplines of the church the individual member did accept voluntarily and the church was concerned how the fellowship of believers should be fleshed out among one another. While it seems almost a bit legalistic for me, one article written in Discipline of the Believers: How a Christian is to Live 1527, did make sense. It reads,

In the second place:  we shall sincerely and in a Christian spirit admonish one another in the Lord to remain constant (Heb.10:1;Acts 14,15,18; Col.2).  To meet often, at least four or five times, and if possible…even at midweek [prayer meetings?] (I Cor.11,14; Acts 1,2,9.11.20; Heb.10; II Cor.6; Matt.18).

I enjoyed reading the importance of constant fellowship with those who believe the same things as your self. From time to time, it can be hard to live in this realm being called out of this world. We do need to constantly be among our fellow brothers and sisters talking about Christ, teaching Christ from the Scriptures, studying Christ and having fellowship  with those who are in Christ.

You can read the full confession, Discipline of the Believers: How a Christian is to Live 1527 here.


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