Lord’s Day Quotes

Here are a few Lord’s Day quote I found interesting while reading today.

Sir James Crichton-Browne, A British physician once said,

We doctors, in the treatment of nervous disease, are now constantly compelled to prescribe periods of rest. Some periods are, I think, only Sundays in arrears.

Samuel Wilberforce, son of William Wilberforce, and Anglican bishop,

O what a blessing is Sunday, interposed between the waves of worldly business like the divine path of the Israelites through the sea.

John McLean, U.S. Supreme Court justice and dissenter in Dred Scott decision,

Where there is no Christian Sabbath, there is no Christian morality, and without these our free institutions cannot long be sustained.

Henry Doddridge Ganse, American Dutch Reformed pastor,

It would be as difficult to take an inventory of the benefits the world receives from the sunshine as to enumerate the blessings we derive from the Christian Sabbath.–


One Comment on “Lord’s Day Quotes”

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for these. Our pastor this morning preached from Isaiah 58:1-14,

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