Gordon Fee on How Should We Read the Bible?

3 Comments on “Gordon Fee on How Should We Read the Bible?”

  1. peterjosephgarcia says:

    That was a great video. “For all It’s Worth” was required reading for my hermeneutics class in my undergrad. It’s a great text that was so new to me then and was tremendously helpful in understanding genre, criticism, and for bringing me into a much better relationship with the Bible than I previously had.

    What are your thoughts on his approaches to translations?

  2. Pete,
    I am teaching part-time at a school south of where I live this year and have picked his text as well, for I find it very helpful in the same areas you make mention of. However the only chapter I will be skimming through is chapter two on translations. I am not a fan of KJV bash section. I do not use the KJV besides on Sunday’s because that is what my church still uses, but do see an importance of reading the TR text in comparison to today’s newer translations. However, this is not my field and I do not know much about this subject.

    I used the NIV when I first started reading the Bible, then in college the NASB because that is what Dispy’s said we had to have… I made the switch to the ESV during college just because it seemed to have the beauty of the KJV and the readability of the 21st century.

  3. peterjosephgarcia says:

    Right on. I grew up with the NIV and always enjoyed it. Never ever got into the NASB. I read the ESV for a few years, but got into the NRSV later in college and now go between that and the NIV.

    It is hard for me to appreciate the KJV given its sloppy origins and inaccessibility.

    It’s kind of funny what theological assumptions one can make about someone given their translation of choice… ESV, NASB, NRSV, KJV.

    The New World Translation is pretty good, too…

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