Your Wife is Your Co-Worker

I have successfully committed a number of errors in discussion making, and then there are the occasional burst of brilliancy I feel without a shadow of doubt that I have made the right one. Telling your wife there is a job opening at your current employer, I guess I will find out the pros and cons as I go. Besides thinking to hard on the matter, I am excited to see my wife’s transition from research assistant for an optometrist to office manager for Granite Classical Tutorials. Out Administrator Mrs. Paul wrote the announcement last Thursday saying the following,

As many of you know, we’ve been working to hire an office manager.  We were blessed with and interviewed a number of very qualified applicants and truly felt God’s direction as we made our decision.  We are excited to announce that our new office manager, Mrs. Emily Dewalt, will be joining the administrative staff on Wednesday, October 16.  You may be wondering if Mrs. Dewalt is related to our very own Mr. Dewalt and Wyatt… and yes indeed, she is!  Mrs. Dewalt is Wyatt’s mom and the wife of Mr. Dewalt.  We are delighted to have her on board.  If you get the opportunity, please welcome her.  As you can imagine, it will take a bit of time to get up to speed; your patience is greatly appreciated!

Positive, I now have a partner for my hour commute. Negative, how am I ever going to get my wife to agree to listen to iTunes University or audio books?


One Comment on “Your Wife is Your Co-Worker”

  1. Dustin Carpenter says:

    I am sure Piper has some sort of fictional story that is theologically deep for you and sappy for her

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