William Perkins provides six marks that may help certify one’s adoption . . .

  1. Ÿ An earnest and heartie desire in all things to further the glorie of God.
  2. A care and readiness to resigne our selues in subjection to God, to bee ruled by his word and spirit, in thought, word, and deede.
  3.  A sincere endeauor to do his will in all things with cheerfulnesse, making conscience of euerything we know to be euill.
  4. Vpright walking in a mans lawfull calling, and yet still by faith to relie vpon Gods prouidence, being well pleased with Gods sending whatsoeuer it is.
  5. Euery day to humble a mans selfe before God for his offences, seeking his fauour in Christ vnfainedly, and so daily renuing his faith & repentance.
  6.  A continual combate between the flesh and the spirit, corruption haling and drawing one way, and grace resisting the same & drawing another way.

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