Let Anthony Burgess Brighten Your Day

In what way did Anthony Burgess see the High Priestly prayer of Christ in John chapter 17 as a special kind of prayer?
Burgess wrote on this prayer, insisting that the prayer found in John 17 is a special kind of prayer, in that it is a prayer of the One appointed by God to give eternal life to a definite group of people.  This prayer is a mediatory prayer and differs from all the prayers of men. This prayer by Christ according to Burgess is of a far more transcendent nature being a prayer from the One and only Mediator between God and man.

Describe how Anthony Burgess understood Christ ascension into heaven and how he saw this as a comfort to the believer?
Burgess list some of the comforts that are given to the believer after the ascension of Christ first Burgess writes “Hereby His Holy Spirit is given in more plentifully and abundantly (John 7:39). A second benefit is Christ going to the Father as enabling us with the holy and heavenly gifts; by sanctify way or a ministerial way. Thirdly Christ going to the Father is to prepare a place for His children (John 14:3). The fourth benefit Burgess sees is Christ going to the Father to be and Advocate to plead our cause before the Father. Lastly Burgess sees Christ departure from the Father as not permanent. He does not leave us forever, but will return and take us to the Father also.

Explain how Anthony Burgess describes prayer as a gift given by God to accomplish His purposes for His people?
Anthony Burgess gives several reasons how and why God uses our prayers to fulfill His purposes. The first reason God will have us pray to Him because by this God is acknowledge as the author and fountain of all good we have. Secondly, God graciously honors us when we pray. Thirdly, God has us pray because prayer is an appointed means by Him as well as faith and repentance. Fourthly, God appointed prayernot only for our honor and benefit for our advantage. Fifthly, Burgess sees prayer as means in which we may testify our desire and high esteem we have of the mercy prayed for. Lastly, God has made prayer necessary “because hereby faith is drawn out in all the choice and excellent effects of it. Prayer without faith is like a musical instrument without a hand to make a sound melodious.”

Explain the various points Anthony Burgess gives on the proper manner in which to pray in a heavenly manner?
Anthony Burgess explains the heavenly minded prayer giving four different points on this point. One, the Spirit is necessary the Spirit of God enables us and moves the soul to this duty. Second, a heavenly prayer must come from a heavenly heart that delights in heavenly things. Third, prayer is heavenly when it purifies and sanctifies the heart and affections for the enjoyment of God. Fourth, a heavenly prayer stirs the heart to delight in heavenly things. True prayer is like exercise making us stronger and more active.

Explain the six different aspects of prayer that Anthony Burgess stressed for the believer?
One, we must pray for what is lawful and good and agreeable to God’s will. “We should not pray like pagans in ignorance of what pleases God, for we have the Word of God to direct us and His Spirit to incline us”. Second, the order of what we pray for, that we seek first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). Third, the words we use in prayer should be reverent, decent and proper. Fourthly, take into consideration who it is you are praying to the Almighty God therefore us should do so with an undivided heart. Fifth, we should pray in faith without doubting without faith the prayer is like a bird without wings (James 1:8). Lastly, keep in consideration the true purpose of the prayer “We must first seek God’s Kingdom before asking for temporal things”.


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