C. H. Spurgeon Books

2286_019a83e0661f4d9f93ff79fe904e77e8Logos Bible Software has proven to be a wonderful resource for prepping, researching, and studying for academic papers. More directly, the Spurgeon Collection in the software has been of great assistance in my personal studies. There are a significant amount of articles from a number of resources within Logos, making it convenient for research as everything is in the same program. One of the helpful features about the program is the fact that a search can be tailored to the desire of the searcher. For example, if I wanted to research the piety of Charles Spurgeon I would simply type “piety” in the search bar after having pulled up the Charles Haddon Spurgeon Collection. The search results display all of the articles, letters, sermons, etc., that include the desired word. It actually highlights the desired word within the article so that you can locate that particular area of the topic as well as read the rest of the article for the context of the content that you are seeking. Another good feature is that when you copy and paste a quote or an article it automatically puts in the footnote on the document which makes the process much quicker if you are writing a paper in which citing is required. Using Logos for reach, studies, and writing at an academic level saves time, and who does not want more of that?

If interested in Logos, and more-so the Charles Spurgeon Collection, you can purchase the 149 volumes from Logos.


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