Times for Special Meditation

The puritans used special times for meditation, and there were five different times they commonly would refer too.

  1. When God does revive your spirit, spiritual vitality, when the mind is fertile use it to continue its growth.
  1. When you are cast into perplexities of mind and affliction, on the goodness of the Lord, he will be faithful to those that seek after him.
  1. When you’re ready to die, looking back on your life, spend the time in the Scriptures keeping constant reminder of the promises God has give to the Christian.
  1. When the heart is touched by a sermon or sacrament; as the puritans taught it is “best striking when the iron is hot” so that you continue to shape and mold ones mind around the truths of Scripture.
  1. Before solemn duties, the Lords’ supper, the Sabbath, or after humiliation.

Meditate until you’ve had some sensible communion with God, a sensible benefit conveyed to your soul. The Puritans would commonly use such an analogy; trying to make a fire with wet wood, only the persevering soul will win, first some sparks, and some smoke, but at the last a flame. What if the flame does not ascend? This might discourage if prolonged; if failed today, then try again tomorrow, keeping in mind that it should not become a burden and a bondage to the Christian. (HT: William Bates)


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