Calvin on the Evils of Roman Catholic Worship

Calvin on the evils of Roman Catholic worship and the remedy for the idolatry of having images in worship. He writes, 

But, besides the clear testimonies which are everywhere met with in Scripture, we are also supported by the authority of the ancient Church. All the writers of a purer age describe the abuse of images among the Gentiles as not differing from what is seen in the world in the present day; and their observations on the subject are not less applicable to the present age than to the persons whom they then censured.

** Taken from Calvin, The Necessity of Reforming the Church, 29. 


3 Comments on “Calvin on the Evils of Roman Catholic Worship”

  1. dkuyat says:

    This unfortunately condemns many of those fantastic works of art the creation of which was surely part of the artist’s worship of God.

  2. dkuyat says:

    Unfortunate than John couldn’t appreciate art. I will take the artwork. The world is in a tailspin, and you are worried about icons. Seems like you strain at a gnat and swallow s camel. I’ll let God not Calvin figure out whose worship he enjoys.

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