Five Ways to Kill Your Classical “Christian” School

If you are looking to fail within your classical model, here are five ways to be sure that you will drive your school into the ground.

5. Use your “Christian” school as a means of evangelism.

4. Place teachers into positions that are out of their studied field of education.

3. Allowing a church to rule over your school, and dictate those who are hired.

2. A headmaster who acts as a dictator, and not a servant.

1. Allowing “helicopter” parents to get their way.



How does Classical schools differ from Private schools?

As a Classical School, one differs in our structure and curriculum – in both methods and content – as one seeks to give children the tools for learning. As a Christian School, classical schools teach all subjects from a Biblical perspective, integrating a Christian world and life view, rather than merely teaching Bible as a separate subject. A classical small class size, high caliber of teachers, and beautiful location are clear distinctions.