Who is headed to Ligonier This Week?

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RP International Conference

#1 RP International Conference is what I am doing this week.

#2 Read about what is going on here.

#3 Also, an article with dealing in these areas I thought was quite amazing. Not many seminaries around today after 200 years are still faith-full to the Scriptures, read here.

2008 New York City Dwell Conference

The audio of the Dwell Conference is out, take listen here

And if you are going to pick one, I’d listen to Tim Keller, Dwelling in the Gospel

ReThink Conference – Wrap Up

Head on over and take the time to look at the ReThink Conference wrap up.

1. Introduction 
2. Interview with Steve Wright (part 1)
3. Interview with Steve Wright (part 2)
4. Session I – Leon Tucker
5. Session II – David Horner
6. Session III – Dave Owen
7. Session IV – Steve Wright 
8. Session V – Randy Stinson