Conversation on Rob Bell Quotes (Quote #2)

#2 “The main reason of the incarnation of Jesus is so that we can understand how to be human” – Rob Bell 

I then simply ask then, “Someone want to tell me what is wrong with this?”

And this is what I got…

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Conversation on Rob Bell Quotes (Quote #1)

Since last Monday’s Calvinist jokes went so well with some and not so well with the one or two I decided to spend today going a different direction then a “You might be a Calvinist” joke. Although this topic may be just interesting for the Calvinist, Reformed, Baptist, etc.

Yesterday a friend and I decided to attend Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI. Rob Bell at the time is going through Lent (yes Catholic Lent) and doing a Lamentations. It doesn’t really matter what preached, or the lack thereof, nor does it matter context of the whole sermon really. However I had decided to twitter during the church service for those that either are friends on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. By the time I got home after the message, Facebook friends and a number of people had already started to comment on a quote that I posted by Rob Bell. I am posting the quote and the number of comments below and continuing the action, comments, and words here for the sake of my Facebook wall which look ridiculous.

The statements/quotes of Rob Bell are listed below in bold. They are a bit in length and may include some vulgar language for what reason, I do not know. 

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