Even for the RPCNA 2k Is Confessional

D.G. Hart explains,

“For the literacy challenged, that means that critics of 2k who insist 2k is outside the bounds of the confession would not even find a home in the RPCNA under the very Blue Banner at least on this point. Now some have tried to say that the revisions still assert the magistrate’s duty to suppress blasphemy and heresy. But given what the American divines said and did not say, and given that the Covenanters no longer insist on magisterial responsibility for punishing idolatry, this argument is even less believable than the one about George Washington being an orthodox Protestant.”

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Dr. Hart Can Write a Normal Post?

Dr. D.G. Hart blogs for the first time in a long time a neutral, non-bashing, normal post. It only last for one sentence, but somehow he managed to have written a blog post that does not make fun of Tim Keller, does not promote two-kingdoms, and only gave information without destroying it.  Even thought his post is on the same person he always talks about (even in his sleep) J. Gresham Machen, he still managed to have written one post that was normal. He writes,

“Darryl G. Hart concludes his series on J. Gresham Machen with a lesson on assessing this great figure in American Presbyterianism.”

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