Interview with Scott Anderson on the Stand Conference of 2007

For learning more about the Desiring God National Conference of 2007, you can listen to an interview done recently by Paul Edwards from God and Culture. Here Paul Edwards interviews Scott Anderson of Desiring God the director of events on this past year’s conference and what it was about.
You can listen to this interview here.


Desiring God National Conference 2007

The Desiring God National Conference was held this past weekend. The conference included well known saints such as a pastor of 40 years John MacArthur , well known book writer Jerry Bridges, author Randy Alcorn, an amazing missionary to the Congo Helen Roseveare and pastor/speaker John Piper were the speakers. These individuals spoke on many different topics that people in today’s culture have a hard time to STAND in the Christian life. The speeches given and speaker panels are available in audio and video at Desiring God’s blog.

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