January 25, 2008: Friday’s Book of the Week reviewed by Nate Pitchford.

Book Review: Understanding Dispensationalists, by Vern S. Poythress

Nate Pitchford has done a review of a book written by Vern Poythress, called Understanding Dispensationalists. I would first off highly recommend reading the review then secondly, purchasing the book to understand and see Dr. Poythress’s clear explanation and examination of Dispensationalists.

  • My plans for the rest of this year in blogging are that i am going to try to repeatably every Friday try to blog a post on a book that i think are important to reading in today’s culture of the 21st century. They may deal with theology, doctrines to just everyday books in dealing with life. whatever it may be, i will from now on Friday’s post the “Book of the Week” of my choosing. But as always if you think, read, of hear of something that needs to be read you can always drop a line at mmdewalt@gmail.com or leave a comment for me here on my blog so that i am aware. thanks!