Now Introducing the One-pound Journal

And no, I am not joking, it seriously weights a little over a pound at over 400-pages. I actually heard rumor that it was to be over 500-pages, but they cut it down to just a little over 400.

At any rate, it is published and available to buy through RHB.


Puritan Reformed Journal Number 2!

prts journalVolume 1, Number 2 . July 2009

Table of Contents

Contributors include: Joel R. Beeke, “Calvin as an Experiential Preacher,” Gerald Bilkes “Heart-Reading: Recovering a Spiritual Approach to the Bible,” David Murray, “Bright Shadows,” Michael Haykin, “Love of the Brethren in 1 John and Church History,” Peter DeVries, “Calvin on the Promises of God,” William VanDoodeward, “History of the Marrow of Modern Divinity,” Brian Najapfour, “Significance of Suffering in the Study of First Peter,” Jonathan Beeke, “Cur Deus Homo?,” and more.

The Puritan Reformed Journal is a biannual theological journal from the seminary, featuring articles by both faculty and other members of the worldwide Reformed community. Subscriptions are available for $20 per year. You can either email us to submit a subscription request, you can purchase online, Or from RHB!!!