Why Does God Permit Evil?

Recently preparing my lessons/lectures on the topic of “Why Suffering Exists if God Exist” for my high school apologetics course I came across a quote by Tim Keller. I found it worthwhile to repeat here for those that still follow along with my blog.

God only allows Satan to accomplish the very opposite of what he wants to accomplish. He only gives Satan enough rope to hang himself…God hates evil. He’s against it. He didn’t create a world in which evil existed. But He permits it. Why? He permits Satan only to bring evil into Job’s life in such a way, in such an amount, that actually completely defeats Satan’s real intention. Satan is only allowed by God to actually defeat himself and achieve the very opposite of what he wanted… He permits evil and suffering to come into your life only to the degree that it defeats the actual intention of Satan for you. Only to the degree that it makes you a great person. Only to the degree that it actually defeats itself.

*Words found in Timothy Keller Sermon Podcast, “Questions of Suffering.”

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