From Summit to Plummet

I cannot speak for the others, but I cannot get over the continual failure and falling of the once fighting fundamental classical dispensational school know as Baptists Bible College, currently named Summit Univeristy (of Pennsylvania), and to be named differently at a later date. Some have argued that it might show the better part of wisdom to refrain from making any type of comments on a public medium such as the blogosphere, Facebook and or Twitter. In this case, it might show the better part of wisdom to judge a school’s decision making; especially its constant wasteful spending. Sarah Hall covering the story writes,

Before Baptist Bible became Summit University last April, school officials knew of the Summit University in Montana, but thought the new official name — Summit University of Pennsylvania — was a big enough distinction.

How do you not check with the other school beforehand? The facts on Summit Univeristy’s part are not being given. But here is what is known to be true: One, SU knew the name was trademarked prior to changing it from BBC to SU, hence the additional “of PA” they included on the end of their name change. Two, SU was informed weeks after having made the name change that it was trademarked, and they could not keep it. Three, instead of changing it, to save face they hired lawyers to defend their name change. Four, After not having a case, here they are with 30-60 days to settle or else. One who might say “Didn’t Paul have something to say about things like this… aka, lawsuits” but consider a trademark is a trademark. The name Summit University was already trademarked, and taking that is nothing short of stealing. It is a shame the decision makers did not do basic due diligence while choosing a name. An alumni recently commented on SU’s issue;

Regardless of the facts of this particular situation, it says something about BBC/SU when you see the overwhelming response of alumni to such news. Most schools engender a certain amount of pride that cause their alumni to tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. The jokes, face palming, and head shaking is telling about what the legacy of the school is beyond the particular details of this case.

As an alumni, I cannot imagine the tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, spent on branding and re-marketing the school. In my opinion, everyone who was a part of the re-branding should be fired, including the CEO, but perhaps in this instance, it is probably not possible to find another CEO willing to take the job? If they ask alumnus opinions for re-naming, I recommend, The Classical Dispensational and Fighting Fundamental General Regular Baptist College of Pennsylvania. One, no one else will have trademarked it, and two, it will help quicken Summit’s rather painful to watch plummet to exist. Mel Walker, Vice President of SU comments on the issue, “We want to do the right thing… We’re committed to doing the right thing.” If such were true, then he’d own up for making such a pricy mistake. I’d rather see my alma mater continue forward, and not cease within the coming years. Maybe if they cared enough of their alumnus opinion’s they would not continue to make the same ill decisions over and over again.