Vintage Jesus: Is Jesus the Only God?

I stopped in a store today with a gift card to a parable books in Grand Rapids, MI. Now I often when buying books, try to buy from my own publisher that I work for at Reformation Heritage Books. However, you are not going to fine Mark Driscoll’s book there. So I said, “I wanna read the new book on Christ” and walked out with my student discount and still $1.80 on my gift card holding a book with about 250 pictures of Jesus Christ on the front cover. Now to the traditional reformist, THEY HATE THAT! But none the less I can get over it, and enjoy the book. So I figured since I have not too much to blog about lately until my series this coming summer on the Gospel 6 volume set of Jeremiah Burroughs, why not do a review of Mark Driscoll’s book. So, if you actually enjoy reading my blog, or just happen to see what article I place up here, maybe you’ll enjoy my comments on Vintage Jesus.

So, I pick up the book in the afternoon and set down in 30 min and read the 1st 30 pages. The cover is enough to create an issue of matter that many could and would fight about, but I honestly see no issues, nor do I make issue about the images of Christ, (Now is Mark worshipped them, we’d have a different story.) But I enjoy a laugh at looking at the number of individuals that burbled the book! Man alive, from the always and most blurb guy J.I. Packer to 200 Olympic silver medalist in wrestling, Matt Lindland, (who I have never heard of.)

Reading the preface I got the feeling that this is just a normal book. Then asking myself normal? Can it be? But yes, seeing that Mark is addressing normal questions, explaining normal doctrines of matter that are crucial to the gospel should be normal! For chapter one (Is Jesus the Only God?) the books starts off much like that of his sermons on Christ. If you have ever listened to a message of Mark, then you have maybe or most likely heard this exact chapter. “Dumpy, rural, hick town…etc” are the words he always uses. To some it’s hip and cool, but to myself, sounds normal. The chapter then goes into giving a few pages over who exactly Jesus as man, was, where he came from, why he came, and about what he came to do, and places it in 10 ways this Jesus claimed to be God. They are;

1. Jesus said he came down from heaven

2. Jesus said he was more than just a good man.

3. Jesus said that he is the son of man

4. Jesus performed miracles

5. Jesus said he was God

6. Jesus confirmed to others he is God

7. Jesus said he was sinless

8. Jesus forgave sin

9. Jesus taught people to pray to him as God

10. Jesus said that he is the only way to heaven

These all seemed to be covered extremely simplistic and easy for the average believer. This is why for someone as I enjoy reading or listening to Mark preach. Mark does an amazing job like he had done in Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches, by placing scripture reference after scripture reference. Although I hate endnotes in a book, it is great to see them supported in truth and not misused or taken out of context. However why people even do endnotes, or sometimes chapter notes makes no sense to me. That is why we have FOOTNOTES! I want to be able to look down and see what the writer is talking about and not skim through the back pages to find it.

One thing I would like to point out is that many reformed individuals often bash people such as Billy Graham. I am not saying that Billy is right in all things. I am simply saying that because one may often not agree in all areas of doctrine doesn’t mean the believer or the reformed or the dispy cannot learn from them. One of the most beautiful few sentences I read in Mark’s first chapter, was written first by Bill Graham saying, “Jesus was not just another great religious teacher, nor was he only another in a long line of individuals seeking after spiritual truth. He was, instead, truth itself. He was God incarnate.”

One Comment on “Vintage Jesus: Is Jesus the Only God?”

  1. Matt says:

    I’m excited that someone can blog for a change. If you google this book for reviews, you get nothing but hate speech about Mark Driscoll. I actually love Driscoll, I listen to his sermons daily, and I think he’s a great teacher who is so so so focused on Scripture and not his own opinions and “interpretations”. So thank you for not bashing him. lol. I just read this chapter at a bookstore today to see if i wanted the book and i loved it. I think he brings things into a cultural context so we can see how things really were, after most of us don’t make a big deal out of calling oneself God, but back then it was heresy, like burning an American flag or something. lol. Obviously i’m not so great at doing it, but Driscoll does it the best i’ve ever read.

    God Bless

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