Book of the Week: Vintage Jesus: How Human was Jesus?

As I started reading chapter two today, right away I thought I was listening to the message preached at the 2006 Desiring God conference. But I was simply reading… I often wonder, when others read my writing if they feel as if I am speaking. No matter what they feel, I see some good in it. Often at times, writer’s can hide behind the pages in their books that keep the reader from seeing the real person. Not with mark Driscoll. You get 100% reality. I enjoyed reading the way Mark paints Jesus as an actual human, someone that actually walked on earth and someone who was normal. Often times it seems that many tend to place Jesus in a category all by himself. Which he is! But he was also human in every way, shape, and form. Mid way through the chapter I found it great that only Mark would have a section title, “Jesus was Funny.” Mark shows the humanity of Christ that what just like that of how many people may act today, irony, sarcasm, and saying things with a cutting edge. Mark goes on to explain that humanity of Christ not only being funny, but being passionate about sheep and that he was a “bum,” (Not being the cardboard box drunkard, but Mark just means homeless.)

At the end of the chapter there is a list of serious questions dealing with the incarnation of Christ. What does the incarnation mean? Can we call Jesus a person instead of a man? Did Jesus have a sin nature? Was Jesus perfect? Could Jesus have sinned? If Jesus never sinned, why were some people mad at him? If you would enjoy reading the answers pick up a copy!

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