No Dancing!

(Posted by Jessica Heikoop)

You might be and Calvinist if… you bail out of a wedding becuase there is dancing.

6 Comments on “No Dancing!”

  1. Nate says:

    Wrong! You may be a fundy you mean. I was surprised when I went to Calvin College at the number of proms that Calvinistic high schools have.

    If you changed it to ‘You might be a Calvinist if… you bail out on a church you are visiting because there is liturgical dancing!’

  2. The joke was from my friend who went to a HRC and FRC wedding this past weekend, as soon as the dancing began, FRC and HRC was out the door!
    Now, i know this is not all Calvinist, but that was what I was thinking when I wrote it.

  3. Maybe you could start a “You might be a Fundamentalist if…” That would be hilirious!

  4. I’m game, let’s do it!

  5. next Monday will start you might be a Calvinist and you might be a fundamentalist.

  6. Hoopdaloo says:

    That is true Nate, there are a lot of Calvinists that dance. I’m liking the “you might be a fundamentalist if…” idea. haha
    Either way, it really was funny when everyone just upped and left in a matter of minutes as soon as the music/dancing started at that wedding!

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