Blogging in Minneapolis

After three breakfast burritos from MacDonald’s this morning, four burritos from Taco Bell, a peanut butter and cookie dough ice cream cone, and ten hours of driving I made it with about 30 boxes of books to a wonderful family in Minnesota who is housing me for a day before the Desiring God National Conference. I have not drove 10 hours since my freshmen year of college when I attended a small “die-hard” classical dispy school in the upper state of New York. However, nor do I want to drive another 10 hours strait (besides Monday) for at least another 365 days. Although it is for a great and wonderful purpose, I was glad to have along with me the new iPod touch for the convince of watching 3 movies in one day. Now I know to those back at PRTS, “what a waste of time” you will say, but it was much better then listening to the ten hours of TALK radio that my boss did on how Obama sucks and McCain rocks, blah blah.

I will try for those of you who read this, to keep up in the next 5 days with being here and there. Actually I will try hard to keep up with at least posting something for you all, but please bare with me over these next two weeks and being on the road. (Cannot wait Nick!)

As far as this weekend, I am only posting for three reasons here at the Desiring God Conference.

1. For my mom (Love you) to be able to see and read what I am doing.

2. For my wonderful girlfriend to enjoy seeing and reading what I am doing.

3. For those of you who may read this for fun, so that I can direct you to better blogs, the sermons, and happenings of what will be going on. For a better blog to follow this coming conference then mine, I take a good look at what Mike Anderson will be doing over at the Resurgence blog.

PS- I found gas tonight for $3.39!!


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