Sinclair Ferguson: Where Do You Come From?

John Piper’s New Coat

Day Three of DG 2008

Day three, and the last for the conference. Waking up to my boss walking already out the door to head down to the conference center I awoke as fast as I could to get around and head downtown. For the four time, and maybe even the last in a long time I ate breakfast before the conference and then started to pack up and get checked out of the hotel. Waking to the center in a mist, I got there about 15 minutes before the last session began. I am not going to review, or even begin to try to talk about the session by Piper, because there was a number of times I was unable to follow along with his mind and I need to take the time once again tonight to listen to it once more. As for now below is a list of a few things (if interested) you can take the time to listen and read (John Piper’s sermon/speech given this morning).

John Piper- 5 Benefits of Christian Eloquence

1. Eloquence—that is, artistic, surprising, provocative, or aesthetically pleasing language—may keep people awake and focused because they find it interesting for reasons they can’t articulate.

2. Eloquence may bring an adversarial mind into greater sympathy with the speaker.

3. Eloquence may have an awakening effect on a person’s heart and mind short of regeneration, but still important in awakening in them emotional sensitivity to beautiful things.

4. Certain kinds of eloquence (cadence, parallelism, meter, rhyme, assonance, consonance) may not only add interest, but also increase impact by helping the memory.

5. The beauty of eloquence can join with the beauty of truth and increase the power of your words.

Conference Video

Desiring God Live Blog – Mike Anderson

Conference Book Recommendations

Check out this kids blog I found who had done a little blogging of some sessions. Or this one to. There may be more and you can let me know if there is, I just found these easily.

As for my top three events of the weekend, I’ll list them below and in order of how I believe them to have impacted my mind in thinking a number of different ways on the words I chose, and use.

#1 Mark Discroll’s message

#2 Sinclair Ferguson’s 20 Resolutions on Taming the Tongue

#3 Eating breakfast every morning (four in a row) for the first time since I was in grade school when my grandmother made me eat Marshmallow and Stars cereal every morning before school.


Day Two at DG 2008

Day two was grand! Waking up and eating breakfast for the third time in a row I personally cannot remember since I was a little kid! Even better it was a redneck one, sausage biscuits and gravy, my personal favorite. From there was a number of sessions and breaks to sell many of the RHB titles I took to the conference. Another great day I believe in sales. I would like to take the time to blog my thoughts about the conference and sessions but am not going to waste my time when you can read other blogs that have done so during the day. However I’ll give my personal three top highlights from the day.

#1 Mark Discroll’s message – Not because of the usual riskiness but just simply was clear and a must listen to for everyone!

#2 Paul Tripp’s message – Thinking about living for God’s kingdom and not my own, listen to the message!

#3 The Blog Open House – It was great to spend time with others that bloggers may not see, know, or get to talk to.

Take the time to check out the following

The Live Blogging

The messages on DG’s Blog

Luther on the Marvel of Music

Ligonier West Coast Conference

Day One of DG 2008

Waking up this morning I ate breakfast for the second time in a row, which may be a first in years, and I mean literally years! My boss and I arrived downtown to unpack the SUV and start stacking books on our four tables in the Desiring God Bookstore. By noon we were done and began the search of a semi-cheap hamburger joint somewhere down town. After walking what seemed an hour in circles we finally asked as typical “out-of-townees” and stopped in at The Keys Cafe where I got my absolute favorite type of hamburger, BBQ & SLAW! This made up for the time well spent in searching for Steve’s (my boss) hamburger he “needed.” After doing so, I went back to get suited up for the conference and preparing myself for this years messages. People began to role in about 3pm and started to buy books right away! I was quite impressed by the numbers I sold on the first day and am looking forward to sales tomorrow. It was a great evening being able to catch up with old friends like Luke S. and Ben V. to talk about what old friends are doing now with their lives, and finding out about old friends that are getting married but never have seem to have the time to tell me! However the highlight of the night of course was Sinclair Ferguson message on James 3:1-12. There is not much to say, being that you can read or listen to it already on Desiring God’s website and read several blog post that I’ll list here for you below.

20 Resolutions on Taming the Tongue

The Tongue, the Bridle, and the Blessing: An Exposition of James 3:1-12

Friday Night Panel Discussion

Desiring God Live Blog – Mike Anderson

Conference Book Recommendations

For tomorrow’s posting I am not sure how often or when I will be able to get on-line since the Internet prices are about as high as I pay per-month in Grand Rapids, Michigan. But I’ll be sure at least in the evening to place up some links, thoughts, and highlights of the day.

PS – Hope to see you at tomorrow’s Open House after the evening session.

Piper on DG’ 08

John Piper

Blogging in Minneapolis

After three breakfast burritos from MacDonald’s this morning, four burritos from Taco Bell, a peanut butter and cookie dough ice cream cone, and ten hours of driving I made it with about 30 boxes of books to a wonderful family in Minnesota who is housing me for a day before the Desiring God National Conference. I have not drove 10 hours since my freshmen year of college when I attended a small “die-hard” classical dispy school in the upper state of New York. However, nor do I want to drive another 10 hours strait (besides Monday) for at least another 365 days. Although it is for a great and wonderful purpose, I was glad to have along with me the new iPod touch for the convince of watching 3 movies in one day. Now I know to those back at PRTS, “what a waste of time” you will say, but it was much better then listening to the ten hours of TALK radio that my boss did on how Obama sucks and McCain rocks, blah blah.

I will try for those of you who read this, to keep up in the next 5 days with being here and there. Actually I will try hard to keep up with at least posting something for you all, but please bare with me over these next two weeks and being on the road. (Cannot wait Nick!)

As far as this weekend, I am only posting for three reasons here at the Desiring God Conference.

1. For my mom (Love you) to be able to see and read what I am doing.

2. For my wonderful girlfriend to enjoy seeing and reading what I am doing.

3. For those of you who may read this for fun, so that I can direct you to better blogs, the sermons, and happenings of what will be going on. For a better blog to follow this coming conference then mine, I take a good look at what Mike Anderson will be doing over at the Resurgence blog.

PS- I found gas tonight for $3.39!!

On the Road

Since I am on the road today, take sometime and watch the DG 2008 National Conference videos.

Bob Kauflin

Sinclair Ferguson

Paul Tripp & Dan Taylor on DG 2008

I had placed the Mark Discroll videos yesterday and will try to get up the number of trailers DG have done such a great job in doing on the coming conference this weekend. Here are a few more for you all.

Paul Tripp

Dan Taylor

Mark Driscoll on DG 2008

2008 National Conference Trailer-The Power of Words