Day Three of DG 2008

Day three, and the last for the conference. Waking up to my boss walking already out the door to head down to the conference center I awoke as fast as I could to get around and head downtown. For the four time, and maybe even the last in a long time I ate breakfast before the conference and then started to pack up and get checked out of the hotel. Waking to the center in a mist, I got there about 15 minutes before the last session began. I am not going to review, or even begin to try to talk about the session by Piper, because there was a number of times I was unable to follow along with his mind and I need to take the time once again tonight to listen to it once more. As for now below is a list of a few things (if interested) you can take the time to listen and read (John Piper’s sermon/speech given this morning).

John Piper- 5 Benefits of Christian Eloquence

1. Eloquence—that is, artistic, surprising, provocative, or aesthetically pleasing language—may keep people awake and focused because they find it interesting for reasons they can’t articulate.

2. Eloquence may bring an adversarial mind into greater sympathy with the speaker.

3. Eloquence may have an awakening effect on a person’s heart and mind short of regeneration, but still important in awakening in them emotional sensitivity to beautiful things.

4. Certain kinds of eloquence (cadence, parallelism, meter, rhyme, assonance, consonance) may not only add interest, but also increase impact by helping the memory.

5. The beauty of eloquence can join with the beauty of truth and increase the power of your words.

Conference Video

Desiring God Live Blog – Mike Anderson

Conference Book Recommendations

Check out this kids blog I found who had done a little blogging of some sessions. Or this one to. There may be more and you can let me know if there is, I just found these easily.

As for my top three events of the weekend, I’ll list them below and in order of how I believe them to have impacted my mind in thinking a number of different ways on the words I chose, and use.

#1 Mark Discroll’s message

#2 Sinclair Ferguson’s 20 Resolutions on Taming the Tongue

#3 Eating breakfast every morning (four in a row) for the first time since I was in grade school when my grandmother made me eat Marshmallow and Stars cereal every morning before school.


2 Comments on “Day Three of DG 2008”

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks Mke… for directing us to wikipedia’s breakfast page :s


  2. To writers and grammar snobs, that was one of Piper’s best. I’ll be listening to it again to catch the stuff I missed.

    Good to meet you there Michael.

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