Christ present in the Song of Solomon?

Question: How is Christ present in the Song of Solomon?

Answer: I hold to the Historical Interpretation (but do believe sections may be types of Christ and His church), if one even has room for such terms in their hermeneutics. I know that this may not be the answer you wanted, nor the normal one here at PRTS, however it is what I believe seems most fitting and closest to the Scriptures without spiritualizing the text. Now is Christ could someone use this book in allegory, or to resemble Christ love for the church? Yes, I believe it can be done as long as it is seen as and allegory and not the Interpretation of Scripture. I am trying to figure out how to answer this question, believing in an historical view…

So I would say Christ is shown in several ways:

1.     That marriage is two individuals becoming one, loving each other, shadowing what Christ does do for his church.

2.     That with Christ at the center of marriage, one can restore or have a marriage that is focused around the gospel and not for their own enjoyment.

3.     Christ is the great bridegroom, the greater enjoyment, and the greater relationship


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