How would biblical theology be different if we had no record of Solomon

Question: How would biblical theology be different if we had no record of Solomon’s person, life, and contribution?

With other words, what did God intend with the extensive section on Solomon and from Solomon in the OT history of revelation?

Answer: The decline of the kingdom lies in the decision and the fall of Solomon. No, person, no history of how the king and his kingdom followed the ways or the wickedness of this world would leave biblical theology wondering what happen to Israel. However, there are two sides of seeing Solomon in the biblical theology. Instead of naming the negative way of looking at him, another one that is even more important is the wisdom that he had, that was a type of that of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God intentions were to have that of a king rebuilding the temple, like that of Christ would come and then become the king of today setting his temple else where, being the greater king and the wiser man then that of Solomon. This being the foreshowing of Christ one day ruling on the new earth among his nation of peoples. 


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