biblical theological method in Ruth

Question: Dewalt, how does the biblical theological method allow you to draw out both objective and subjective lines from the book of Ruth?  How is this different from the moralizing or spiritualizing approach?

Objectively– Looks at the Book of Ruth seeing what the goal of biblical theology is and the progression of the over arching premises of the Old Testament in revealing the one who was to come and fulfill the covenants, Jesus Christ. This then gives the historical overview of the Old Testament, which enlightens its real meaning. I think actually proper Objectivity can be and should be proper the Biblical Theological Method.

Subjectively– How this differs because it allows the one to pick and chose the exact matters in which they will look at, why they feel exactly what they want to look at and allowing themselves to deal with what they wish instead of looking at the text for its own value.

How is this different? – Oh, how often I wish I could beat this drum, but seem impossible at times among the conservative traditional reformers. This should be done differently then that of spiritualizing the text, however I think at times it is not at all. Spiritualizing the text is nothing more then the practice of objectively viewing the text. Often times those that spiritualize this text, is because of their experiences, reasoning, or what they have been taught for 40 years in their pews, so instead o valuing Scriptures and freedom in Christ, nothing occurs but one continuing to sit where one feels happy with, and take the scriptures further away from the original meaning then they should. Perfect example… The Puritans! The Puritans saw that in time, their communities, families, the Bible, law, etc was meant for everyone. (Now is the Gospel meant for all, and should we preach it to all? Yes! Are we to pound upon unsaved people the law of god and make sure they live by it? No!) Exactly, this is what happen, the Puritans saw that the Law was for unsaved and saved, and I personally believe close to thonomist, however when then reading the bible, they would often spiritualize the text in trying to crate a culture and society that brought to usher in the kingdom or God, bringing all to the gospel. This however was not right, nor did it work, but ended up in their death 150 years later. 


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