KJV Baby!

You might be a Dutch Calvinist if… You still use a KJV.

You might be a Calvinist if… you use a Geneva Bible. 

You might be a American Reformist (New Calvinist) if… you use a ESV.

You might be a Presbyterian if… you walk into church with your Hebrew and Greek.

You might be a Baptist if… you swear up and down by the 1977 NASB.

You might be a Fundamentalist if… you made the move to the NKJV.

You might be a Dispensationalist if… you swear by Ryrie Study Bible. 

You might be Al Mohler if… you can actually understand all the notes in The Apologetics Study Bible .

You might be a Friendly Seeker if… you still use the 1980’s & 90’s NIV. 

You might be a Catholic if… you use a priest… (ouch!)

You might be a Emergent if… you don’t need a Bible, just bring your thoughts or your copy of “The Voice”


5 Comments on “KJV Baby!”

  1. Call me a Reformed/Conservative/Presbyterian with my ESV Study Bible – 3 inches thick along with my Reformed Study Bible (ESV – edited by RC Sproul) to check the veracity of the ESV Study Bible’s notes. It makes for heavy lifting.

  2. James says:

    reformist? new word there, innit.

  3. heldveld says:

    You might be a Dutch Calvinist if… You still use a KJV.? I thought Dutch Calvinists, American variety anyway, switched to the NIV in the 80’s.

    If friendly seekers us the 80’s and 90’s NIV, who uses the TNIV?

    You might be a Emergent if… you have your own “translation” called ‘The Voice’

    I voted for the ESV.

  4. some dutch denom’s went NIV, mostly liberal and independent’s. However the true traditionalist would never leave such great translation that the puritans used. ha! And friendly seekers ya, they use both for sure. And i forgot all about the voice! Thanks, i’ll update it.

  5. junior says:

    I loved my NASB but I wanted to compare texts with another version,
    so I got a parallel.
    Now I have the NASB in English and Spanish!

    NASB all the way, baby!

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