What does it mean practically to keep the Sabbath holy?

Also, read Mark Driscoll’s post yesterday on the Sabbath.

5 Comments on “What does it mean practically to keep the Sabbath holy?”

  1. Wayne Cochran says:

    An understanding of Biblical typology also helps put the Sabbath in its proper context. Like much of the Mosaic Law, the sabbath is “the shadow” for which Christ is “the reality” (borrowing terms from the author of Hebrews). I think Christ went out of his way to perform miracles on the sabbath to make this point — He is the one who gives us rest and makes us holy. Any kind of legalistic enforcement of a Mosaic Sabbath would be like embracing a picture of my wife and ignoring her. With that said, the sabbath has not been done away with, but has been fulfilled (like the rest of the Law) in Christ. Great commentary.

  2. Tim H. says:

    Wayne, was not the Sabbath made for man?

  3. Wayne Cochran says:

    Certainly, since Jesus says so. The idea of resting is for our benefit. Leave it to the Pharisees to turn “rest” into “work.”

  4. Jim says:

    The seal of God is not on the first day as being the sabbath. The seventh day has the seal of God which makes it Law and that day is Saturday not Sunday.

  5. von says:

    Wayne, how has the whole law been fulfilled? By your definition it just goes away and doesn’t need to be obeyed anymore, right? What about the other 9 commandments besides keeping the sabbath? are we able to kill, steal and have other gods now that Jesus fulfilled the law? the law is all 613 commandments in the Torah. are we able to have sexual relations with animals now? what about matthew 5:17-19 where Jesus says heaven and earth will pass away before the smallest commandment does. well earth is still hear, so isn’t the law too? your definition of fulfillment is incorrect. in Hebrew it means ‘to make understood’, not to complete or end as you’re thinking. Jesus is the Word, the Word is Scripture, Scripture contains the Law, why would Jesus end HImself?

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