Jamey Johnson – I Saw the Light

One of my favorite songs, re-done by one of my favorite artist.

Fishing Humor

ObamaCare: The Facts On Abortion

Maryland Needs to Talk to Ted

Satanic Rock Artist Comes Back to the Gospel


Fight for Life!

Heresy: A Loaded Word


I’m in a Church

Only one of David Hall’s children would do something like this…

Can you help one of my Professors?

A Message for the Unemployed

It’s just the Truth by Paul Washer

Voddie Baucham Supremacy of Christ

Come on Down to the Farm

We’re Losing

Ryan Ferguson Recites Hebrews 9 and 10

Does your desk glorify God?

Found this pretty interesting.

Does your desk glorify God? from Puritan Reformed on Vimeo.

Things you don’t say to your wife

Matt Chandler on Silly Preaching

What does it mean practically to keep the Sabbath holy?

Also, read Mark Driscoll’s post yesterday on the Sabbath.

Evolution Commercial

i think my wife’s a calvinist

Favorite line – “She has a tattoo that says, I heart John Piper in Greek.”

Bad News: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

It Came to Pass (from Behold the Lamb of God)

2008 Latest Edition – Did You Know 3.0 – From Meeting in Rome this Year