Exam Week & Next Year

Exam week
Enough is enough already! Man alive after only 3 and half days, I have written 4 exams in which each one took at least an hour and half and total over 20 pages in length. With about 2 days left and one exam Friday morning to finish my Masters of Arts, I cannot wait to have some type of break. No matter if it is lay on the couch, playing some 360, or heading home to Ohio and fishing with the buddies, I need one! 

Plans for the Future
Many keep asking me if I am teaching, where am I going, what is next, so I am answering on my blog in as short as possible answer as I can post. I graduate with my Master os Arts in Religion next friday evening from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. The plan after that is to start my Masters of Theology focusing on Biblical Theology, writing my Thesis on The Biblical Doctrine of Apostasy. I’ll start August 1st and will be sitting under Dr. Bilkes at PRTS as well, hoping (Lord willing) to graduate next May 2010 with my Th.M. and applying for Ph.D. programs next spring to further my studies before I look for teaching jobs. As in the mixed I will be getting married Oct. 10th of this year. Lots to do and a lot going on the next year, you can see exactly what and where on my schedule section on my blog if it really matters to ya.


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