Getting Settled In

My blogging has been scarce the past week being that 7-days ago I moved from Michigan to Maryland. Hopefully today I can get back on track of blogging daily. I often wonder after being in seminary (having so much to say) if I will continue to have anything to blog on a regular basis. When I asked my wife, she said I should not have a problem with that, and thinking about it, hopefully I will not.

After driving the five hours from Michigan to Ohio, there I visited with my best friends Chris and Logan, and had a family cookout with the Dewalts at my uncle Grizz’s. Then one week ago today, last Monday Emily and I made the nine hour drive from Ohio to Bel Air Maryland where for the past week we have been unpacking. Over the past week I have had mixed feelings about leaving Michigan, my past friends, my seminary and my church. A few of those things stand out among everything, so I decided to list them on my blog this morning.

The things I have enjoyed about moving to Maryland.

1. The area is Beautiful

2. The Christian lady I meet at PNC was so kind and sweet.

3. An old buddy I barley spoke with in College, has been a huge help with getting moved in and settled.

4. Starting my teaching job this week, looking over their program, their curriculum, meeting my fellows teachers, meeting my boss,

5. NOT living in the city! This may be my favorite part about the “move” to Maryland, is now I am 40 minutes north of Baltimore and no longer live 2 minutes from actual downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

6. Gas prices are cheaper.

The things I have not liked about Maryland.

1. The driver’s here do not seem to be as smart as they are in Michigan.

2. I miss my church, after spending one Lord’s Day out of Grand Rapids, I already miss the solid preaching and teaching of Harvest OPC that I attended in Michigan.


Psalm 121

Last night was my last dinner and “hang-out” time with the Beeke family. Joel Beeke, a mentor who has meant much to me in a fatherly kind of way and to my education over the past three and half years I made sure was my “last” visit before the move. After dinner we all sit down as Joel read to Emily and I a passage which he had planned to explain to us before we move to Maryland. I figured I would share the passage with you all here that read my blog to enjoy.

Psalm 121

“A SONG OF ASCENTS. I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth. He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber. Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade on your right hand. The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. The LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore.”

New Address

For those wondering, not that many of you are, but Emily and I’s new address is 903 St. Andrews Way, Bel Air, MD 21015.

Announcing My New Job

What seemed like was going to be a long summer (May & June) came to a head the past two weeks. After sending out my resume to nearly 200 high schools, colleges, and universities in America, the Lord planned that I begin teaching this fall 2010 at Redeemer Classical Christian Schools, in Kingsville Maryland.

Redeemer Classical Christian School (RCCS) was established in 1996. There the students benefit from an excellent faculty and staff, outstanding curriculum, small classes, music and fine arts, competitive athletics and an environment that challenges the mind and inspires the soul. Redeemer Classical Christian School is located in a rural setting in Baltimore County approximately 10 miles northeast of Baltimore City. The school is a Pre-K through 12th grade college preparatory program utilizing the classical approach to education. The foundation of all instruction at RCCS is the truth as found in the Scriptures. All RCCS students must take Latin, Logic, and Rhetoric. In addition, students receive Bible instruction in every grade. These courses, in addition to the typical courses in language, math, science, etc., make for a very demanding and rigorous program. As a result, RCCS students have performed approximately 3 years above their grade level on the standardized tests. In addition, their average SAT scores have been well above the national average. As a result, nearly 100% of our graduates pursue further education – 90% of their graduates have gone on to 4-year colleges.

But RCCS is not all work and no play. An extensive extra curricular program is part of the educational experience. Some of these activities are: Band (2 bands), Choirs (2 choirs), annual Drama production, Sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country), 19th Century Ball, annual Luau, annual Talent Show, etc. In addition to these activities, students can take part in the annual Science Fair and various enrichment classes and clubs. One of these activities my wife Emily will be the head coach of, volleyball.

I am extremely ready to start teaching, and looking forward to making the move with my wife 13 hours east. We plan to move from Grand Rapids Michigan July 31st. We then will spend one day in my favorite state Ohio, then make the move to Maryland on August 2nd. We ask for your prayers as we pack, move, and travel to Maryland. There I will be teaching junior systematic theology and senior apologetics.

What Ever Happen to AIM?

I can no-lie remember the days (1999-2002) I would go to school at 7am, spend all day trying to stay awake in classes and sleeping 5 out of 8 periods a day to only be at home at 3pm to only get on AIM (American Instant Messaging). I rememeber at times even passing out my messanger name as if it was an handle for a CB… wait no one knows what that is… handing out my screen name to girls, my buddies at school, so that as soon as I got off the bus from high-school during my freshmen and sphomore years, later after work (10pm) my junior and senior years to talk to my friends. Some people had 30, 40, 50 , I knew friends that had 100, but mostly because I was in band and dealt with state band I meant a lot of friends from other high-schools I remember myself having over 200 AIM friends/buddies.

Yet today I own a MacBook which I use iChat on. There I can send my G-chat, Facebook chat and my younger days of Yahoo messenger and AIM through.

  • Gmail chat I have about 20
  • Facebook depdning on the time and day I have 100-300.
  • Yahoo I have not a single person
  • AIM out of my 300 friends from high school and college I only have five, and all five have it sent drectly to their cell phone which I’d guess do not have anyone contact them.

It is funny how times change. This morning I signed on AIM and saw 5, then before I wane to bed tonight I wanted to see how many which was still the same 5. It is at time funny to grow up and see differences in times. Some times you think everything stays the same, then you grow up and see nothing stays the same.

It only made me think, the gospel since creation never once has changed, not one time, not in a single way, no more, and none less have come to it, the same that are to are called everyday… How great the gospel is, that those who are a member of it, do not wear out, do not give up, but in their assurance continue on their this day and age until Christ’s coming.

Me and Gaming Systems…

Ever since I was 5-years old I played video games. My first system I remember getting from my half-brother (bet you didn’t know I had a half-brother) after a T-ball game. An Atari 7200 with about 30-games! It was amazing, from Pitfall, Boxing, Pac-man, and my favorite game was a one on one basketball with Dr. J vs. Larry Bird. Within years I got a NES because that is what my cus had and it worked for years – you would have to blow in the games from time to time, but what NES system did you not have to do that to? After that I moved u0p to the SNES for two reasons – one Ken Giffery Jr. baseball and two, NBA Jam. Like the NES, the SNES worked fine for years. I never did make the move to the N-64, but once the Play Station came out, I remember buying it off my band teacher along with the game NCAA 1998, which would then become a part of my life. For the past 12 years now I have bought the same game ever since 1998 Christmas when I bought the PS1 off my band teacher for only $100 bucks. I think his wife made him get rid of it, but his loss was differently my gain. That PS1 lasted forever it seemed. I owned NCAA 98, 99, 00, but then came the PS2. I waited and waited till my mom had the money and for my 16th she bought me NBA Live 2000 and a PS2. That thing for the next 6 year would be played in high school, all nighters, even traveling to New York and Pennsylvania college life and the late nights my roommate Nick and I would play it till 6am in the morning.

I believe it was 2006 the 360 came out and by 2007 I was not crazy enough to sleep in a tent outside a BestBuy for days to get one, so I just waited around until I found one in a store. I did not want to make the switch from Play Station to Xbox for two reasons.

1. Microsoft to me is junk.

2. Play Station I had never had an issue with, and seem to suit me fine.

However it was my friends Logan, Chris, cam, Matt Dick, and Nick that talked me into making the switch from Sony to Microsoft. In 2007 I purchased a Xbox360 along with none other than my classic game of choice NCAA 2007 with Reggie Buch on the front cover. At first I hated my the switch from remembering the buttons to the bigger controllers. After nearly 10-years using one way, I did not want to change. But being able to play my friends online like the 360 did, I loved it! However 13-months later, 1 month out of warranty my 360 got 3-red lights. After calling Microsoft, having them tell me it was out of my 1-year warranty, I would have to pay $100 to fix it, and wait 4-6 weeks to get it back. I had no other option, so I did. In 6-weeks to the last day I remember the UPS man bring it back and back at it I was playing NCAA 2008. 1 month later the Xbox would quit reading disc, however since I spent the $100, I was given a 12 month extended warranty on their repair. So I waited another 4-6 weeks and it came fixed once again. Yet 13-months would pass by again and my third Xbox360 would start flashing those red lights. Being another one month out of warranty, I spent another $100 dollars to fix it and waited another month to get it back.

It was 3 weeks ago yet my 4th Xbox360 broke again! Uncalled for, ridiculous, angry, and sick of Xbox/Microsoft I called them to complain every way I could. They once again told me the same thing, that this 360 was 2 months out of its warranty and I would have to pay $100 again to have it fixed and wait for another month to get it back. I said NO, I am done and never again will I own an Xbox360. The guy then decided to offer me a deal. He told me about the new Xbox360 250GB hard-drive and it I sent in my old one, I could upgrade to the new one coming out mid-June for only $150. ISo I thought and only had 3 decisions.

1. Forget it all and pay $350 for a PS3

2. Get it fixed for $100

3. Upgrade to the newer one for $150

I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the brand new one for $150. So I went ahead an pre-ordered the New Xbox360 slim and was ship out the June 14. I was notified June 15th that I would then have to wait one more week to only be notified last week telling me I would have to wait till July 3rd or 4th, and now today was notified that I will now have to wait till July 9th! I have looked today on Gamestop, Target, Wal-Mart and Amazon who all say that they will not get theirs until July 13th….

Never, never, never again will I own a Microsoft/Xbox. Friends that seem to have good luck with the system, I am happy for you, but as far as I am concerned if the Xbox does not come in by the end of July I am officially done with you Microsoft! Then Microsoft wonders why they have declined so much over the past 5-years in sales. Because your gaming system is awful, your computer soft-wear blows, and you are not cool any more. It is not the 90’s and you build your stuff to break, to make more money. Of course that is only my opinion.

After breaking 4 Xbox360 in the last 40 months… I have went back to the sony play station, and I am quite happy that I did.

Today Only the Kindle for $150 on Woot

I saw earlier today that the Amazon Kindle today only was selling for only $149. I want to so bad! I sit and tried to figure something I could sell on Craig’s List so I could but it, anything, just something to at least get $100 of the total cost. By 10am thisd is what happen…

Me: Emily you read too, we can use it together!

Emily: Yes, I read books from the library, that are free.

Me: Okay.

By 11am Woot website = Sold Out!


3 Things I Regret in my Past

Monday as I sit listening to music and applying for a teaching positions across the United States (like I seem to have done every Monday for the past two months), I sit praying for the Lord to open the door so that I can teach at a Bible College or in a high school by next fall. Somehow in my thought process it crossed my mind of the things I am not proud of, and the things I regret most in my pass in which I have done directly against God. So in thinking, I decided to write a short blog post about them so that those that read may continue to walk in pursuit of holiness and not continue to sin directly against God. So what is it I did in my past that continues at times to get under my skin?

1. Using the Lord’s Name in vain or meaninglessly.

2. Sleeping in or Skipping Church when the doors were open.

3. Not following the Sabbath like I should have.

Nonetheless I am a sinner, but I praise God that he has made me a servant of His now for the sake of His glory.

Thanks for the forgiveness that God gives to those that constantly break His commandments.

Thanks for the plan of redemption God gives through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for the giving of the Holy Spirit to comfort His people, and guide them in victory over sin.

Exam Week & Next Year

Exam week
Enough is enough already! Man alive after only 3 and half days, I have written 4 exams in which each one took at least an hour and half and total over 20 pages in length. With about 2 days left and one exam Friday morning to finish my Masters of Arts, I cannot wait to have some type of break. No matter if it is lay on the couch, playing some 360, or heading home to Ohio and fishing with the buddies, I need one! 

Plans for the Future
Many keep asking me if I am teaching, where am I going, what is next, so I am answering on my blog in as short as possible answer as I can post. I graduate with my Master os Arts in Religion next friday evening from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. The plan after that is to start my Masters of Theology focusing on Biblical Theology, writing my Thesis on The Biblical Doctrine of Apostasy. I’ll start August 1st and will be sitting under Dr. Bilkes at PRTS as well, hoping (Lord willing) to graduate next May 2010 with my Th.M. and applying for Ph.D. programs next spring to further my studies before I look for teaching jobs. As in the mixed I will be getting married Oct. 10th of this year. Lots to do and a lot going on the next year, you can see exactly what and where on my schedule section on my blog if it really matters to ya.

The Sabbath Commandments, Thought #1

The past two years I have attended Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary for my Masters of Arts (MAR). Realizing I now only have 13 months to go, I am starting now to think about what is it that I’ll be doing in January of 2010. But for the past two, and still this next one to go, I have had to study personally and number of areas of theology because my lack of wisdom from North-Central Ohio, or my pervious under grads that I had attended. Doctrines like going over the human soul, the humanity of Christ, to baptism, church government, and end times… They have all been a path that I have enjoyed dearly studying beside my reformed brothers that at often times may disagree with me on a number of issues (Baptism, Church Government, End Times)  but still respect me and what I hold to from the Scriptures. Over the past year I have read numerous books, heard a number of debates and listen to many people on how the Sabbath carries over to that of the Church in the New Testament.

I hear:
“The Moral Law still exists” 
“The Sabbath was made before the Moral Law was given”
“The Sabbath was given at creation”
“The Moral Law cannot be fulfilled”
“The Sabbath is a Law given to all of creation”
“The Sabbath was a type of Christ and now looks back to Christ”
“The Sabbath is a clear distinction of seeing who the Lord’s people are”
“The Sabbath has now transferred to Sunday”
“It’s not Sunday, It’s Sabbath Day!”
“We have Sabbath-school, not Sunday-school…”  


I hear a number of comments, sayings, sides, etc. Now since this is my own personal blog hopefully this post nor the numbers that will come that I plan to write on the Sabbath/Lord’s Day will not get me into trouble with my seminary nor my work. These post that I plan are only and will be only my thoughts as this next 3 months I plan to study the other side (against the keeping of the Sabbath) and just place them up for whoever wants to read, whoever wants to comment, and whoever wants to bash me. I plan NOT to respond back due to the lack of argument I want to create but just give my opinion and my thoughts as I study this area of Theology out, and please do leave whatever thoughts you may have. 

Thought #1
Exodus 16:22-30
22 On k the sixth day they gathered twice as much bread, two omers each. And when all the leaders of the congregation came and told Moses, 23 he said to them, “This is what the Lord has commanded: ‘Tomorrow is a day of l solemn rest, a holy Sabbath to the Lord; bake what you will bake and boil what you will boil, and all that is left over lay aside to be kept till the morning.’” 24 So they laid it aside till the morning, as Moses commanded them, and m it did not stink, and there were no worms in it. 25 Moses said, “Eat it today, for l today is a Sabbath to the Lord; today you will not find it in the field. 26 Six days you shall gather it, but on the seventh day, which is a Sabbath, there will be none.”

27 On the seventh day some of the people went out to gather, but they found none. 28 And the Lord said to Moses, n “How long will you refuse to keep my commandments and my laws? 29 See! The Lord has given you the Sabbath; therefore on the sixth day he gives you bread for two days. Remain each of you in his place; let no one go out of his place on the seventh day.” 30 So the people o rested on the seventh day.

Exodus 16:22-30 is the 1st occurrence of the actual term and/or concept of the Sabbath. The passage clearly allows one to believe that the institution of the Sabbath was unknown to the people of God (Israel) at this time. Before this actual mention of the Sabbath, the Israelites had been holding to the Egyptian 10-day week calendar. Matter of fact the narrative seems to be preparing the Israelites for the Sabbath which would then be commanded to then in the next coming months, namely Exodus 20 (Decalogue). Matter of fact verse 30 of this section says, “so the people ceased to gather on the seventh day.” Which clearly shows us that this celebration was not on the cultic aspect yet, but a human preparation.