It’s just the Truth by Paul Washer

3 Comments on “It’s just the Truth by Paul Washer”

  1. Reed says:

    Preach it brother Paul!

  2. Jack says:

    Awesome preaching! Now why can’t PRTS produce their own Heritage Reformed Congregation Students with this kind of zeal and passion for the gospel? HRC students are the most boring, monotone, and unlively bunch of young men I have ever tried to stay awake for, and believe me I have heard them all. Perhaps they are being groomed this way? Whatever the case is, it is sad to see that this is the future of the HRC. If anything, young preachers should be lively and full of zeal for Christ.

  3. Jack, PRTS produces men of God preaching for the Glory of God and not Paul Washers. He may be good, even great. But I do not hope that any single seminary works nor aims at producing one type of preaching, one type of man in the pulpit. HRC I am sure at times may seem boring to today;s culture, style, etc. But they believe in a Gospel that is pure, and kept in the lines of which the Scriptures teach, and for that and learning from PRTS I will be forever in-debt. Being groomed “that way” I do not think any seminary tries to “groom” someone boring, monotone, etc. I personally think it does have something to do with culture and their roots, they are Dutch, but they are your brother in Christ, if you are a believer of the Gospel. Be carful with your words and thoughts.

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