Upcoming Events at PRTS

(Guest Post by Chris Engelsma)

In the coming days, there will be several significant events at PRTS which you can participate in even if you can’t be present.  The most significant is the 2009 PRTS graduation ceremony.  We intend to video tape the ceremony in such a way that you can watch the event as it is happening.  If you are interested in this, you can go to this site (click students) and view this event as it happens.  Dr. Sinclair Ferguson is delivering the keynote address.  Dr. Ferguson will also be speaking Thursday night.  This event can be viewed using the same procedure as the graduation.  There is no charge for these events.

We also remind you of two classes which are being taught this week.

  • Dr. Godfrey will be teaching a class on The Reformation in the Netherlands.  For many of us, our Dutch heritage remains locked in history books inaccessible to us since they are written in the Dutch language.  Here is a golden opportunity to get into this history even if you cannot read Dutch.
  • Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Murray will be team teaching a course on the Westminster Assembly. 
  • There is a $40 charge for viewing these courses.

If you would like to browse the other courses that PRTS offers, you can go here.  At the same site, you can see syllabi of various courses and listen to that course’s first lecture as well as see some sample videos.  Contact the director of distance learning if you would like further clarification.


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