The Immutability of God

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

Malachi 3:6 For I the LORD do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.

The unchanging being – God – should be boasted in by believers because of the certainty over all areas of life that they have in their God. The believer can boast in an all-perfect, never-changing God.

The believer of the gospel must see the necessity of praising God for being like no other. This particular characteristic of the gospel reveals the difference between the Creator and His creation more clearly than any other. There is not one person, one creature, nor anything else in creation that does not change in one way or another. The Creator is superior over believers in many ways, and it is so great to grasp the concept of boasting in the One that is the same forever! How great it is that the believer can fall in so many areas of life, yet run to the Lord who is always the same! The believer must boast that he can be comfortable in the Lord who never changes in any circumstance. For the believer, this truth is crucial when it comes to boasting in the gospel. Not one promise broken, never a change of mind, not a covenant forgotten about — how wonderful that we can dwell under the God who is always unchanged and will always keep His character in all ways! 1 Samuel 15:29 reminds the believer of his place before God, saying, “And also the Glory of Israel will not lie or have regret, for he is not a man, that he should have regret.” Anything ever done, said, and promised will remain forever in the all-covenant keeping God. This is something that the believer can look upon when in a time of doubt or uncertainty, as they do not know what is next, or what situations may be thrown at them. Oftentimes, it seems that the believer starts to look upon others – either in the church or even in the world – for guidance and help while in trouble. But here the believer can rest in knowing that God will not change and that He is forever good to His people and there will be only ever be but a perfect plan for His sheep.

This calls the believer to fall before the unchanging God and worship Him with the most respect that he can give. The believer, in order to boast, must see his limitations in life and how he is like the wind that blows wherever it wills. This God, whom the believer serves, stays the same in nature – for what He has been, He will be always, and His character will not change – no never! Boast in this God above all other gods today, for there is not one like this One. What God is, He is to perfection, and will never change. How great it is to know that the believer serves the same God whom he served yesterday, and will serve tomorrow. The believer can find this helpful in the time of need, when he has no clue what tomorrow may bring; he knows his covenant-keeping, unchanging God will lead him correctly. How great it is for the believer to know that no one can influence God or change His mind. The believer serves a God who will not – and cannot – be moved. The believer serves a God who knows He is right in all things. The believer serves a God in whom there is no change of mind when His will is done. How great this is: that the God of the gospel – the God who is the gospel – cannot and will never change His character, His will, His person, or His nature. For He is certain beyond all measure and will endure forever! The believer, while here on earth, needs to look always and forever at the truth that he can boast in the only certainty of life. The believer can find happiness in the fact that only the gospel will never change. This is one of the great aspects of the truth that is found in both God’s word and the gospel that lies in it. How great it is that the believer and follower of God can live and know for sure that His word never changes. This can be where the boasting in Him begins: the fact that what He promises and what He has said will never change. How great it is to serve and live in fear of the perfect, never-changing God, which will bring delight to the soul of His people. Many times in life, the believer gets caught up in all the different types of changes in this world. Changes can be different for all types of peoples – school, work, friends, even family. Often, even the believer will say, “I cannot do this anymore,” or “I don’t know what to do any longer, or even how I feel.” But, in the midst of it all – in the midst of the fast- paced world of changes – stands a consistent Lord; One who never changes. For He applies and supplies all things for His people, and the believer needs to live in the consistency that He provides. Indeed, God is the perfect example for the believer to live in consistency. How can believers even live at all without the consistency of God? This is what the believer boasts in – that the constant gospel allows the believer to live and be worthy and honoring of the never-changing beautiful God.9


One Comment on “The Immutability of God”

  1. Marie says:


    This is a great post. One of the biggest fallacies I’ve heard (even was taught, in a high school literature class – presumably studying the Bible as lit) is that the “God of the Old Testament” evolved into the “kinder, gentler” God of the New Testament. This false assumption is held by those who cannot (or will not) see the Old Covenant through the lens of the New. Not only that, but you see God’s amazing patience with the pagan civilizations and wayward Israelites continuing for hundreds of years before He finally took punitive measures. I see the same forgiving nature and compassionate heart all the way from Genesis to Revelation, ‘hard passages’ notwithstanding.

    I am so glad He is not fickle as we are, or susceptible to bad moods. We’d have been toast a long time ago.

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