Biblical Theology of Missions – The Mission of God

0830825711mBook Review: The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative

How was this helpful?

Christopher Wright’s book on The Mission of God is helpful in that he gives the purpose in what God is doing today; but even more so, in what God has been doing throughout all of Redemptive History – revealing Himself and His Glory throughout all the ends of the earth through the work of Christ Jesus, by today’s work of the Holy Spirit. I enjoyed Wright’s small, yet insightful, explanation of Paul’s framework of his sermons given in Antioch and Athens. This brought to light the mission and understanding of the Old Testament Israel. Reading the whole section on “The Arena of Mission” (p.393-535) helped in showing how God’s people care for God’s land, God’s people, and then applying God’s mission to the heart of the one who is sent to carrying that out – “His people.”

What was confusing or questionable?

This book can be a little bit confusing at times, particularly when Wright deals with God and confronting idolatry if one does not have a proper Old Testament understanding. I found myself getting lost in his train of thought at times, relaying what he was speaking about and how it dealt with today.

Would you recommend this book to others, if so, to whom?

Yes – this book is easy to read and insightful in terms of bringing major themes in the theology of mission to the reader. I am concerned that individuals who only like to read smaller and shorter books will really miss out on a great Old Testament scholar and writer if they pass over this book. It is extremely important for the people of the church today to understand God’s plan for redemption through both the Old and New Testaments, and not only one.


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