Biblical Theology of Missions – Mission in the Old Testament

0801022282Book Review: Mission in the Old Testament: Israel as a Light to the Nations

How was this helpful?

The most insightful thought in this book was that God, from day one, has planned for not only the Jews to come to the knowing and understanding of Him, but that since creation God has missioned that all of creation come to know Him (p. 15-38). I also appreciated how Dr. Kaiser went through select key-passages of redemptive history, showing how God used His chosen nation Israel as a light to the surrounding nations (p.39-64) and into reaching the Gentiles (Melchizedek, Jethro, Rahab, and Naaman). Dr. Kaiser’s book was also helpful in understanding that theology missions must have a solid understanding of Old Testament theology in order to properly read missions in the New Testament – which is something that is not seen much of today (nor in main stream evangelicalism). Lastly, I enjoyed reading how Paul’s mission in the Book of Acts was anchored in the Old Testament theology of Missions, something yet again I had never thought of (p. 77-78).

What was confusing or questionable?

Questionable?… I cannot think of one.

Would you recommend this book to others, if so, to whom?

Yes – the book is well laid out, easily readable, and short, yet exactly gets the point across that missions is not only a New Testament Church Theology, but has an extreme importance from Genesis to Revelation in the way that God uses the theology of mission throughout all of history.


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