Some of my Favorite Past Memories in Life are…

In no particular order…

  • Playing video games (NCAA Football) with Nick till 6am
  • Catfishing with Chris, Bobby, Logan,  every weekend in Ohio when I visited
  • Hanging out in Bubba’s garage all night not knowing a thing I was working on
  • Library dates with Emily in college
  • Playing euchre with bobby and his dad, it was always eventful
  • Going to listen to Country music every friday night with Donnie in Michigan
  • Beating Matt Dick every year in NCAA Football (besides 2003)
  • Going to Big Lots with my Mom, no matter how long, or when I visit, somehow we end up there
  • Grandma telling me stories of her past
  • Talking to Dan Cruver, at least 3x’s a week in his office and learning oh so much
  • Grandpa making 101 noises with his lips, but yet never says one word
  • Dollar movies with Logan, Cam, Jessi, Jerod, … way too many people I did this with to remember.
  • Late nights at the Estep’s & dinner’s at the Estep’s
  • Summer fishing with Tommy up at Lake Ann
  • Date nights with Emily
  • Hanging out with Shane Miller and his family during my college years
  • Traveling with Beeke to Reformed conferences and learning

Do you have any to share?


2 Comments on “Some of my Favorite Past Memories in Life are…”

  1. Jason says:

    and hanging out w/ Jason DeGraaff in GR, watching football, eating tostidos, and going to IHOP….as well as T4G and TGC

  2. ah yes i forgot that!

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