The Contrast between True and False Religion

Let me list in summary form what James says about true and false religion:

  1. True religion comes down from God and is established in the heart by the spiritual regeneration (1:17).
  2. Carnal religion springs from the heart, which bringeth forth sin, and sin bringeth forth death (1:15).

3. True religion arises from the engrafted word, which saves the soul (1:21).

4. Carnal religion proceeds from the wrath of man (1:20).

5. True religion, when tested, is patient, constant, and God-glorifying (1:2-18).

6. Vain religion wavers, is unstable in everything, and fades away (1:2-18).

7. True religion is faith working by love (2:14-26), keeps itself unspotted from the world (1:27), respects not persons (2:1-3), bridles the tongue (3:5-12), and humbles itself before God (4:8-10), relies on God (4:13-17), and is fervent in prayer (5:13-20).

8. Vain religion does not work (2:4-26), promotes envyings (3:13-18), lusts (4:1-12), and is wanton (5:5).

9. True religion has its perfect work (1:4), and leads to peace (3:18), and precious fruits unto the coming again of the Lord (5:7).

10. Carnal religion will be judged without mercy (2:13), and will fall into condemnation (5:12).

11. True religion saves from death (5:19) and will be lifted up (4:10).

12. Carnal religion will lead to death (5:20) with the devil and his hosts (4:7).


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