3 Things I Regret in my Past

Monday as I sit listening to music and applying for a teaching positions across the United States (like I seem to have done every Monday for the past two months), I sit praying for the Lord to open the door so that I can teach at a Bible College or in a high school by next fall. Somehow in my thought process it crossed my mind of the things I am not proud of, and the things I regret most in my pass in which I have done directly against God. So in thinking, I decided to write a short blog post about them so that those that read may continue to walk in pursuit of holiness and not continue to sin directly against God. So what is it I did in my past that continues at times to get under my skin?

1. Using the Lord’s Name in vain or meaninglessly.

2. Sleeping in or Skipping Church when the doors were open.

3. Not following the Sabbath like I should have.

Nonetheless I am a sinner, but I praise God that he has made me a servant of His now for the sake of His glory.

Thanks for the forgiveness that God gives to those that constantly break His commandments.

Thanks for the plan of redemption God gives through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for the giving of the Holy Spirit to comfort His people, and guide them in victory over sin.


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